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10 DIY Family Vacation Summer Games

Ready to take on your family in these new summer favorites?

DIY Family Summer Vacation Games

It’s finally warm enough to put away the monopoly and video games and take your favorite family competition outside. From supersized childhood favorites to new simple setups, this list of easy DIY games will take your family's summer vacation to the next level!

Tired of your own backyard? Cape Cod has dozens and dozens of beautiful outdoor locations to set up your games, like your favorite beach or in the park. Your friends at Nichole Willey & Team want to make sure you have the most memorable summer yet here on Cape Cod. Make sure to tag us on Facebook when you post the winners of your next family game night!

Beach Tic-Tac-Toe

DIY Family Summer Vacation Games

All you need is your family and sea shells on the beach, for this classic game on your Cape Cod summer vacation.

DIY Mini Water Blob

DIY Family Summer Vacation Games

Who wouldn't wanna sun bathe on their own personal lily pad? Set the kids up for all-day water fun easy DIY mini water blob! Get directions HERE

Spray Paint Twister

DIY Family Summer Vacation Games

This simple setup takes a family classic outside! All you need is a 6x4 grid of multi-colored circles (we recommend using a chalk spray that washes off easily), then just like the classic, twist and turn to see who your family twister champion is wherever you want!

Bottle Ring Toss

DIY Family Summer Vacation Games

An oldie but a goodie! With the kid's favorite colors and stickers, you can customize this classic any way the family wants and take it anywhere. Learn how to play HERE

Giant Rainbow Jenga

DIY Family Summer Vacation Games

This makes traditional table-top Jenga look lame! Make your family Jenga competitions bright and supersized this summer! Get instructions HERE

Sand Angel Contest

DIY Family Summer Vacation Games

Mom don't freak out! We know sand gets everywhere, but we promise this memory will be worth it. Go to your favorite Cape Cod beach spot and see who makes the best sand angel, winners get ice cream!

Giant Outdoor Kerplunk

DIY Family Summer Vacation Games

Forgot about this one? We know, we did too! With just a few tools and a quick set-up, your family could spend all day outside playing this new generational classic. Get directions HERE

Glow in the Dark Water Bottle Bowling

DIY Family Summer Vacation Games

Light up the night with a new take on bowling! With just a few materials and you will have hours of fun wherever you and the kids want to set up. Get instructions HERE

Boat Race

DIY Family Summer Vacation Games

See who wears the captain's hat in the family with an all-day floating boat race tournament! Get set-up instructions HERE

Cape Cod Scavenger Hunt

Cape Cod Scavenger Hunt

We've saved the best for last! This game can truly be played by kids of all ages. Use this to take the family on an adventure and mark your spots when you find these Cape Cod icons. First person to spot them all wins!

We hope this list of family fun inspires you to get creative this summer. Still looking for a summer family vacation spot? Sea Shore Cape Cod Summer Rentals can help you find the perfect Cape Cod home for your family to play outside all day.

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