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Grass to Gables: Improving Your Outdoor Spaces

Weed it. Prune it. Plant it. Move it.

You don’t have to be a landscape architect or even a gardener to enjoy a beautifully

curated backyard. Outdoor spaces frame your home & can provide a sizeable payoff in the long run. From greenery to concrete, every investment you put into the exterior of your home can have an effect on the home’s value.

Here are a few projects you can tackle this Spring to spruce up your outdoor space:

Refine Your Street View

Every home is in some state of usefulness or beauty, and highlighting the entryway gives a great first impression. You can rent outdoor equipment from your local home improvement store, giving you the ability to make exterior upgrades without committing to the equipment price tag.

  • Is your porch hardwood? Stone? Cement? All of these can be pressure washed to look good as new.

  • Paint your shutters! The Iconic shutters of Cape Cod Style homes are navy blue or deep red. A fresh coat makes a world of difference.

  • Update the lighting. There are many different updated outdoor lighting choices today such as energy-efficient and smart bulbs, both of which can add to the overall value of your home.

When adding exterior details in the name of the Cape Cod aesthetic to keep up value, be yourself and incorporate your personality into your home. Just keep in mind the long-term benefits these projects can bring to your home value, which can similarly decrease the value if unkempt.

Plant Power

The New England coast isn't ideal for all plant types in all seasons. Be sure to choose landscaping that can endure bitter temperatures and produce impressive views. These are some plant types that will accentuate the Cape Cod home aesthetic when utilized in your landscape this year:

  • The Beach Plum native to the East coast bears small purple, red-tinged fruits that are edible and can be eaten fresh. Naturally grows in a sandy habitat and is quite salt tolerant.

  • Lowbush Blueberries native to Cape Cod grow in a rock garden or woodland setting. The berries are edible and the foliage is attractive and especially vibrant in fall. The plant is also a host for the Brown Elfin butterfly.

  • Marigolds are bright annual flowers that will soak up all of the Cape Cod sun.

  • The Blue Hydrangea is a Cape Cod garden signature with its bright blue coastal color. This beautiful exterior home investment has a light regime of water only 3 times a week.

Expert tip: pick one color of mulch and use it in all of your flowerbeds. Re-mulch quarterly to keep it looking fresh and sharp.

Driveways Do’s

Cape Cod’s local architecture has historically been paired with many different driveway variations. Updating or installing a new driveway could increase your home’s value by $5k-$7k. Whether you have a slab or individual pavers, these elements can help shape your outdoor spaces and provide a steady base for hosting family basketball games or pulling the boat out of the water for a clean. Here are some creative options:

  • Cobblestone aprons and driveways are commonly paired with Cape Cod-style homes, offering a rustic look that compliments most historic homes. Concrete brick pavers will give you the traditional look you are after but allow you to choose from much broader color offerings.

  • Gravel is an inexpensive option that comes in a variety of colors and is a workable option for most budgets. This accommodating option will let your home be the focal point and can always be decorated.

  • If you really want to embody the Cape Cod essence while also going the green route, Crushed Sea Shell driveway. The shell feels and functions like gravel, also assisting in erosion control and limiting runoff while keeping the beach elements.

Your outdoor spaces are an amazing way to entertain, showcase your personality, and cultivate experience. It’s rewarding and enriching to get outside and spruce up your space!

Whether you are sprucing up your outdoor areas for a home sale, or just want to enjoy your yard more- it’s always a good idea to consider how the choices you make can pay off in the long term.

If you do happen to be planning a move this year, the Nichole Willey Team would love to help you make the best choices for your investment dollars. ! Contact us today for a complimentary assessment of your yard and property and to see how much your home is worth.

Happy gardening!


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