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Selling Your Home In Spring: Stats & Tips

How to use the seasons to your advantage and see higher offers on your home!

Every season provides opportunities to highlight different aspects of your home. While some seasons are considered better for selling than others, it all depends on your home and its location. There is no wrong season for selling—seasonal benefits and drawbacks exist year-round. Even simple staging can assist in selling your home, no matter the weather. Staging

a home is known to increase offers between 1–10% regardless of the season. Use this guide to help you prepare your home for success this Spring.

Spring Pricing

Spring is widely considered the best season to sell a home. The median sales price in Barnstable County, MA last month in April was $725,000, which is up 16% since March. Now is the time to take advantage of the longer days and get the maximum value for your home. The first two weeks of May yield the most home sales at the most competitive prices. Homes sell an average of 18 days faster in May than in any other month, and for at least 6% more money. Homes sold in June typically close over 9% above market value.

Spring Staging

The benefits of selling a home in spring include warmer weather, later sunsets, and heightened curb appeal. Spring has its drawback too, with unpredictable weather and fierce competition. Sellers in triple-digit-heat areas may be better off waiting for cooler months, while those looking to sell a fixer-upper may find it difficult with so much competition. Tips for Staging a House in Spring:

  • Liven up the home with fresh flowers and greenery.

  • Stage outdoor furniture and highlight patio areas.

  • Add a floral wreath to your front door to increase curb appeal.

  • Paint walls in soft, bright springtime colors that complement existing features

  • Brighten dark walls up with crisp white décor.

  • Fill planters or garden bedding with colorful flowers

Take advantage of seasonal trends to plan ahead and sell any time of year. If you have questions about selling or staging your home, reach out to your friends at the Nichole Willey & Team! I’m always happy to help with expert tips and advice.


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