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  • Nichole Willey

A List of 15 Essential Smart Gadgets That Can Help Modernize Your Home!

In the realm of home automation, there's a myriad of scenarios that might have led you to this point. Perhaps you've strolled through a friend's home adorned with smart appliances, marveling at their unparalleled convenience. Alternatively, your journey could have started with a single piece of tech, sparking an obsession that fueled your interest in the smart home ecosystem. Or maybe you're just someone who envisions a future dominated by AI and can't help but eagerly embrace the futuristic lifestyle akin to the Jetsons.

Of course, the possibilities are virtually endless. Whatever unique circumstance brought you to this page, rest assured that you're in good hands. We've sifted through the vast landscape of smart appliances to bring you a curated selection of the finest gadgets, catering to home automation experts, beginners, and everyone in between. Join us on this exciting exploration of cutting-edge technology that promises to transform the way we experience and interact with our living spaces.

Smart Appliance

What is a Smart Appliance?

If you're new to the world of smart home devices, let's demystify the concept. Picture this: gadgets straight from the future, or at least it feels that way!

So, what's a smart home appliance? It's a Wi-Fi-enabled device that links up with smart hubs, voice command systems like Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa, or dedicated smart home apps. The key? Connectivity, especially with voice assistants, enabling remote control with a simple voice command or a tap on your smart device.

Why bother with these smart appliances? In a world where our lives are getting busier, they're the modern solution to efficiency and convenience. While not absolute necessities, they're becoming must-haves for many. Smart appliances tackle the smaller, routine tasks, adding a dash of ease to our hectic lives.

Join us as we explore living with these ingenious gadgets!

1. Touch-Screen Refrigerator

Smart Appliance

Refrigerators have stayed pretty much the same for the past few decades, maybe just a change in style with stainless steel. However, the game is changing with smart refrigerators. These high-tech appliances can search for recipes and read them out while you cook, generate grocery lists visible on their doors, and sync them with your smartphone. They can even alert you if a food item is about to go bad.

The more advanced fridge and freezer combos come equipped with cameras inside, allowing you to see what you have (or don't have) in real-time while you're at the store. It's a far cry from the traditional dry erase lists many of us stick to on our fridge doors.

2. Microwave With Voice Control

Smart Appliance

Ever found yourself in a microwave mishap? You know the drill – toss something in, dash off to handle another task, and then suddenly, you're leaping across the room to rescue your boiling and splattering creation.

If this scenario sounds familiar, you're not alone. In fact, you haven't truly embraced the chaos until you've raced to save boiling milk or halt the splattering dance of tomato sauce. But fear not! There's a solution that might just elevate you to the status of the culinary ruler of the galaxy: the smart microwave.

Picture this: a microwave that obediently listens to your every command, making kitchen mishaps a thing of the past. Hear that first ”pop” and you can tell the microwave to shut off! No more messes!

3. High-Speed Smart Toasters

Smart Appliance

In the world of kitchen appliances, it's not just about the speed at which your toast browns; it's about how intelligently it does so. Now, you might raise an eyebrow at the idea of a toaster doing anything other than toasting, but bear with us – it can!

Enter the realm of smart toasters, where the mundane task of toasting takes on a whole new level of sophistication. Imagine your toast adorned with images, a far cry from the simplicity of the old spring and heating coil toasters.

But that's not all these smart toasters bring to the table. They boast a repertoire of tricks, from cooking various bread types at different temperatures to adjusting speeds and personal settings. It's like having a toaster that remembers your preferences. So, if you decide to join the smart toaster club, consider this your unforgettable introduction to a world where your morning toast becomes a canvas for creativity. Get ready to toast with flair, and you might just be extra thankful every time you do.

4. Multifunctional Digital Air Fryer

Smart Appliance

Step aside, slow cookers; there's a new sensation in the modern kitchen, and it goes by the name of air fryers. These nifty gadgets are not just a trend; they're evolving and getting better by the day. The magic they bring to your culinary escapades? The ability to air fry practically anything!

Imagine a mini fryer, neatly enclosed, capable of transforming a variety of food items into delectable delights in less than half the time and with just a tablespoon of oil. But wait, it gets even better. Picture this: the power to command your air fryer with the resonance of your voice (and no, you don't need to shout; it listens even to a calm command).

The air fryer craze has evolved! These relatively new-to-the-scene kitchen marvels have become the go-to for quick and crispy delights. From the basics of air frying to the convenience of voice commands, get ready to embark on a flavorful journey that might just redefine your kitchen experience. Welcome to the future of frying, where air fryers reign supreme!

5. Smart Oven

Smart Appliance

Ovens, just ovens, you might think. But oh, how wrong that assumption is. Some ovens transcend the ordinary; they're not just appliances, but watchful guardians that sync seamlessly with your recipes. Picture an oven that knows precisely when to preheat or gracefully bows out when your culinary masterpiece is ready, sparing you from accidental charred offerings.

These modern marvels are true jacks of all trades. Need more humidity for that perfect sourdough bread that became everyone's quarantine project? No problem. Craving perfectly baked cookies with an ideal touch of convection? Consider it done.

6. Smart Wi-Fi Pressure Cooker

Smart Appliance

We may have sung praises for the air fryer, but now it's time to crown a new hero in the kitchen – the Instant Pot. Move over slow cooker; there's a new multifunctional powerhouse in town.

What makes the Instant Pot so phenomenal? For starters, it's a culinary chameleon, replacing around seven kitchen appliances that would otherwise clutter your precious countertop space. From crafting luscious flans and custards to delicately preparing fish and hearty sautés, the Instant Pot does it all – and it does it fast.

But the real magic lies in its versatility. Imagine turning your Instant Pot into a sous vide machine – now that's culinary prowess at its finest.

The brilliance of the Instant Pot extends beyond its cooking capabilities; it's also smart. With voice commands and remote control features compatible with Alexa or Google Assistant, you can effortlessly turn it on and off, adjust temperatures, and receive alerts when your culinary masterpiece is ready. In this blog, we'll dive deep into the wonders of the Instant Pot, exploring how this kitchen wizardry is transforming the way we cook and savor our favorite dishes. Get ready to revolutionize your cooking routine with the Instant Pot!

7. Fully Automatic Coffee Maker & Espresso Machine

Fully Automatic Coffee Maker & Espresso Machine

Let's face it, for many of us, the need for morning coffee isn't a question; it's a necessity.

If you're still stumbling through your home, zombie-like, into the kitchen, fumbling to turn on the coffee machine, and waiting with bated breath until it finally starts brewing, then buckle up because you're missing out on something truly remarkable.

Enter the world of smart coffee makers – or as most of us would call them (after that first crucial cup), simply coffee makers. Beyond the basic caffeine infusion, these intelligent devices are here to transform your morning routine.

While being able to program your coffee maker to start automatically at a time you've set isn’t new, how about adding to that the magic of remote commands where it begins brewing while you're still cocooned in your cozy bed with just the touch of an app?! And that's just the tip of the coffee bean. Smart coffee makers go above and beyond, remembering your unique preferences (especially handy if multiple people in your home rely on the same machine). They craft your favorite brew and even offer a repertoire of beverages – from frothy cappuccinos and espressos to the pure, bold elixir we affectionately call "good juice" (aka coffee).

8. Water-Saving Dishwasher

Water-Saving Dishwasher

Hooray for dishwashers that not only clean our plates but also have a conscientious eye on the environment and our precious fresh water supply!

While we're still waiting for the day when dishwashers magically put away our dishes, smart dishwashers are already making a significant impact. These intelligent appliances not only save you money but also precious time and home energy by adjusting their water and electricity consumption based on the size of the load.

Beyond their eco-friendly features, smart dishwashers boast remote controllability. Imagine kicking off the dishwashing cycle from the comfort of your phone or with a simple voice command. In this blog, we're delving into the world of these environmentally conscious and technologically advanced dishwashers, exploring how they're reshaping our kitchen routines and contributing to a more sustainable way of living. Get ready to embrace the future of dishwashing convenience and efficiency!

9. Wi-Fi Connected Air Purifier

Wi-Fi Connected Air Purifier

Let's face it, if you're still relying on an older air purifier, you've probably experienced the "I forgot to turn it on/off" dance more times than you'd like to admit. Sure, running it all night ensures a refreshing atmosphere when you return home, but what about the longevity of your machine and that unnecessary electricity consumption?

If you're tired of these forgetful moments, it might be time to embrace the future of air purification with a smart air purifier. Picture this: setting timers to optimize usage, remotely controlling your purifier from the comfort of your bed, and even scheduling purifying sessions during your typical cooking times. No more waiting for the lingering scent of onions to dissipate; your smart air purifier has it covered.

10. Robot Vacuum

Robot Vacuum

Ready for a peek into the world of smart appliances? If you're aiming to automate your home functions and bid farewell to manual chores, the Roomba® vacuum should be at the top of your list.

Between pets, kids, and the hustle of daily life, keeping your floors spotless can feel like an endless task. But fear not, the Roomba® is here to revolutionize your cleaning routine.

With smartphone app control through the iRobot Home app, personalizing and controlling your cleaning experience has never been easier. Our products are designed to learn your habits and understand your home's layout.

Take a break and let the Roomba®, or another smart robot vacuum, do the dirty work for you. This smart robot vacuum not only follows a cleaning schedule you set but also maps out your home and adapts to your routine. I for one love our smart vac companion that transforms mundane vacuuming into a hassle-free and efficient cleaning experience. Who doesn’t love saying goodbye to manual chores and welcoming in a new era of cleaning convenience?!

11. Energy-Efficient Thermostat & Air Conditioner

Energy-Efficient Thermostat & Air Conditioner

If you've ever engaged in the classic family debate over the ideal home temperature, you're not alone. Every family member seems to have their comfort zone, making compromise a constant challenge. Enter smart thermostats – the ultimate peacemakers in the battle of the temperatures.

Most smart thermostats come equipped with independent sensors that can be strategically placed in different rooms throughout your home. The beauty of these devices lies in their ability to cater to individual preferences. Set each room to a different temperature, and voila! Your home magically transforms into a haven of precise temperatures that keep everyone content.

But the intelligence of these thermostats doesn't end there. They keenly observe your living patterns, learning which rooms are frequented the most or least. This knowledge empowers them to adjust the temperature accordingly, not only ensuring comfort but also saving you money and energy.

Smart thermostats are more than just temperature controllers; they're time wizards. Program them for vacations, work hours, nighttime, and peak times of the day. In this blog, we'll delve into the realm of smart thermostats, exploring how they foster harmony at home by delivering personalized comfort and smart energy management. Say goodbye to temperature wars and hello to a home where everyone's preferences are considered. Let's unlock the secrets of smart thermostat bliss!

12. Robot Mop

Robot Mop

Let's face it – if there's one household chore most people dread, it's mopping. The time and effort it demands, especially with a vast floor space, can be a real headache.

Enter the Braava® robot mops – our solution to banish the woes of mopping from your life. We get it; we understand the struggle, and that's precisely why we created these robotic wonders.

But what if we told you that the magic doesn't stop there? Picture this: a harmonious duo of smart appliances, the Roomba® robot vacuum, and the Braava jet® m6, working in tandem to patrol and clean your home seamlessly. This collaboration is especially beneficial for those with stone tile floors, where proper cleaning involves both sweeping and mopping.

We affectionately call this pairing the dream team of clean, and in this blog, we're unraveling the brilliance of this dynamic duo. Say goodbye to the hassle of mopping, and join us as we explore how the Braava® and Roomba® create a chore-free haven, transforming your cleaning routine into an effortless and efficient experience. Welcome to the future of smart cleaning!

13. AI Washer & Dryer Combo

AI Washer & Dryer Combo

Let's talk about a game-changing smart appliance combo that's set to transform your laundry experience.

We've all been there – leaving clothes in the washing machine only to discover they've taken on that unpleasant moldy odor, resistant even to the best scent boosters. (Vinegar, anyone?)

Enter the dynamic duo of a smart front load washer and dryer, armed with the might of artificial intelligence. Say goodbye to musty-smelling clothes and hello to a laundry solution that goes above and beyond.

What's in it for you? Imagine having the ability to start your washer or dryer remotely or on a schedule, receiving notifications on your phone when the load is finished, enjoying automated detergent dosing, and customizing washes through app control or simple voice commands. Bada-bing bada-boom – it's that easy. You can bid farewell to moldy mishaps and embrace a laundry routine that's as smart as it is convenient.

14. Smart Lighting

Smart Lighting

We've touched upon the enchanting ability to extinguish all the lights in your home with a mere click – a magical feat that brings unparalleled convenience to your fingertips (and it's all about convenience, not laziness).

Yet, the realm of smart lighting holds so much more than just a shortcut to darkness. These ingenious lights are here to elevate your experience in ways you might not have imagined.

Picture this: smart lights that change colors at your command, coordinating with your movies and music to create a dazzling and more intense visual spectacle. If a rainbow of hues isn't your style, no worries – you can stick to shades of white or yellow, or even a deeper ember color for those tranquil nighttime vibes.

And let's not forget the art of ambiance. Whether you're winding down for the night or setting the mood, smart lights offer the option to dim and enhance your surroundings.

But here's where it gets even more intriguing – imagine programming your lights to cater to your lifestyle. Falling asleep while watching TV? No problem. Set your lights to gracefully shut off at a designated time or gradually brighten to wake you from your slumber.

15. Smart Toiler Cleaner

Smart Toiler Cleaner

In the world of cleaning technology, robot vacuum cleaners have undeniably stolen the spotlight (you're welcome for that innovation). However, when it comes to robot cleaning solutions, particularly for the bathroom, options have been somewhat limited – until now.

Enter the new frontier of emerging technologies, where smart toilet cleaners are making their mark.

These aren't just smart because they efficiently pump electrolyzed water into your toilet to maintain cleanliness at all times. The brilliance lies in their connectivity to your pipes, enabling them to monitor water usage and alert you when your toilet is consuming more water than it should.


Enjoy your foray into smart appliances if you haven’t already, and keep us in mind if you or anyone you know is in the market for a new home, or looking to sell, invest, rent or anything else we can assist with!

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